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Traslochi.Net, Group Net Progetti Srl, is qualified to practice the activity of enterprise transport and national and international removals, with the number of License MI / 884465 / Y, prov. Milan.
Membership in the National Road Transport at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, is mandatory requirement by law, in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 395/2.

For our team is a great pleasure also the only visit our website because it is so much passion we put into our work that the only accommodate a visitor satisfy us immensely.
The thing that interests us is to be able to offer you, through our structure, satisfactory service.
Through our toll free number, our officers are at your disposal for information, quotes, inspections and technical analysis, logistics and commercial risks on your specific needs.

Our relationship with you could last until the system performance of your move or end with a simple visit to the site but, either way, we would like you earned something positive from this meeting; even if only one useful tip.

In your search through the Internet, you will come across, we are sure, in a number of sites dedicated to the field of relocation and it is normal that your research is oriented towards the final identification of a company that can offer you the best service at the lowest cost possible. We believe that this screening The will appear, initially, difficult because the lack of a certain totality of clarity could disorient.

For this reason it is appropriate, for Justice Information and Protection of Moving Companies that operate professionally and properly in the market, the first thing to determine is the actual physical existence, behind a website, a real company International move . The world of services, sometimes contains virtual Firms that can distract the user by pushing disappointing choices.

We say this for the sole purpose of highlighting the work and commitment of our and our colleagues, who love this ancient craft and perform each move with enthusiasm and pride, by investing in quality. Quality of its people, their means of its structures; a number of factors that come together to give shape to a synergistic result is called: customer satisfaction. It may seem archaic but it is.

We could build a website fiction, full of amazing effects, rich flash animations and photomontages and we would probably be able to catch your attention but dazzling her distracting from the main objective of your research: find a serious company that is capable of Moving to assure you of the right removal service.